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RPG Assets

If you like playing RPG table top games, here are some fun weapons and assets to spice up your campaign, feel free to use!

Roots Boots

These boots have the ability to dig themselves into the ground, increasing the user's magic, however when rooted - the wearer can't move.


Rhino Helm

With this helmet, the wearer can dash forward and ram into their opponent with their noggin. The attacker and attackie both have a chance to go prone.

Football Turtle

My nephew gets credit for the conception of this idea. Football Turtle can go in its shell and get tossed (like a football) at foes. It can also bite and slowly move.


Dragon Stick

A seemingly normal staff made of twisted vines... but once a mysterious orb is placed on top and just a little bit of magic is trickled in - Dragon Stick hatches! This lil guy is perfectly comfortable staying in his broken egg, shooting fire and biting foes while slowly growing bigger and stronger.

Deep Mountain Boots

These boots replace the wearer's armor, and also limit movement. However the plus side is that using the wearer's magic, along with energy from the earth, it can slowly build up charges to summon different little self destructing mud gnomes, with varying strength and effectiveness based on the wearer's level, and how many charges they use.


One Headed , Two Headed, and Three Headed Mud Gnome


Scissor Hand

Can't wield a weapon in the hand that's wearing these - however attacks with it don't have any penalties from being in the off hand or from duel wielding.

Dark Sworderange

This unique weapon can be thrown in any pre-determined route the wielder desires, thus dipping and dodging around obstacles until it successfully sneaks up and hits something. Can only travel a set distance, and on hit it falls.


Tiefling equippedd with the Dark Sworderange and Scizzor Hand


Leech Shield

This shield yearns for blood! A character equipped with Leech can bash their opponent with the shield, and Leech has a chance to grab hold the opponent, hurting them and causing disadvantage until shaken off. When Leech is attached to someone else, Leech's owner is, of course, shieldless.

Night Sun

Sure you've heard of a morning star, but have any of you ever seen a night sun! It's essentially an electric morning star, granting additional reach, and possible shock related effects.


Dart Fairy

This fairy can act as a throwing dart or arrow. On a successful hit, the dart fairy can sap health from the opponent, and return to either the character that shot dart fairy, or a teammate for that matter, and deliver said health.

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